About Toyota Bangladesh

Toyota Bangladesh is the exclusive distributor of brand new Toyota vehicles. Since 1964, Navana Limited embarked on a journey with Toyota to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Toyota Bangladesh is synonymous with Quality, Durability, and Reliability.


Inception of Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937, as a spinoff from his father's company Toyota Industries, to manufacture automobiles. Ever since its founding, Toyota has sought to contribute to a more prosperous society through the manufacture of automobiles, operating its business with a focus on vehicle production and sales. Toyota has acted in accordance with its Guiding Principles to produce reliable vehicles and the sustainable development of society through ever-changing innovation and the provision of high-quality products and services throughout its journey.




Mr Shafiul Islam Kamal, the founder of Navana Group and an eminent industrialist came into being in 1949. Bearing a sound profile and profound knowledge, he joined the Islam Group in 1968. Flourishing up in his efficacious career, he built up the empire of automotive, construction & real estate business.

His incomparable role in establishing Navana Limited and setting up Aftab Automobiles as leading ventures has remarked his significance throughout the industry. Furthermore, Mr. Islam remarks his utmost significance for his contribution in the development of the construction company named: Bengal Development Corporation (BDC) and by 1981, he took hold of Eastern Housing Limited, the then largest real estate developing company in Bangladesh.In 1996, after the death of Mr. Jahurul Islam, the then Chairman of Islam Group & Brother of Mr. Shafiul Islam, he separated from Islam Group with Navana Ltd. and Aftab Automobiles Ltd. and formed Navana Group.

Subsequently, following his strong guidance and leadership, several key business units have flourished and prolonged under Navana Group.Shafiul Islam, he separated from Islam Group with Navana Ltd. and Aftab Automobiles Ltd. and formed Navana Group. Subsequently, following his strong guidance and leadership, several key business units have flourished and prolonged under Navana Group.


Primarily, Mr. Saiful Islam he originated his career remaining in charge of the Sales & Marketing Department of Biponon Limited. In the meanwhile, he carried out his MBA and simultaneously he stepped on to commence his headship with Navana Group.

The manifold business operations of Navana helped him gain invaluable experience which further led him to accept the responsibilities of the management and operations of Navana Limited, Navana Group’s flagship company in the year 2000.

Since then, he has been successfully leading this group. Gradually, by 2005 he took over the operations of Navana Limited, the flagship company of Navana Group, as the Director.Then, moving on in the next 3 years, Mr. Islam reformed the business approach to better cope with the changing business environment and led Navana Limited to regain the highest market share in the brand new automobile business.

We believe, under the dynamism of his leadership, Navana Limited will continue to progress globally.



To enrich and ensure the quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge, skill, technology and fulfill the need through experience of products and services, by offering the market a wide range of potentials.

For more information, please visit: Toyota Global Vision


To be spearheaded by self-motivated and diversified workforce that is capable of bringing sustainable business result from different market, thrive to explore the futuristic need of the growing society through smart marketing management, and grow in a corporate culture where values and behavior are the spirit.


70 Years of Toyota




Automobile department established within textile loom maker Toyoda Automatic Loom Works -- now Toyota Industries Corp -- founded by inventor Sakichi Toyoda

Model G1

The first vehicle, the Model G1 truck, built. First Toyota dealership established





Toyota Crown

Crown becomes the first passenger car made in Japan to be exported to the United States

Global Outreach

First overseas vehicle plant, in Brazil





New Frontiers

Toyota’s first U.S. car assembly plant, a joint venture with General Motors Corp, opens in California

Hybrid Vehicles

Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid car, launched.





100 Million Satisfied Customers

100 millionth Toyota vehicle produced in Japan

Unstoppable Growth

Toyota’s group global sales of 8.808 million vehicles exceeds GM’s by 128,000, making it the world’s biggest automaker, authoritative industry magazine Automotive News says .





Going Greener

Toyota environmental challenge 2050 is adapted

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