Founded by a pioneering entrepreneur of our country, Mr Alhaj Zahurul Islam, Navana Limited started its journey on 20th April 1964. Being one of the largest automobile giants in Bangladesh, Navana Limited has remarked a strong and distinguished business history. This marked the initiation of a long partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation. With the introduction of Toyota Corona in 1964, the initiation of Japanese car era made its way in this market.

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Contribution toward Sustainable Development

In January 2005, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced the "Contribution toward Sustainable Development," an interpretation of the Guiding Principles at Toyota that takes into consideration Toyota's relations with stakeholders. This was revised in August 2008 to become the CSR Policy "Contribution toward Sustainable Development," to take into account subsequent environmental changes and heightened societal interest in CSR. TMC shares the statement with its consolidated subsidiaries and takes relevant action.

Preamble of CSR Policy

We, Toyota Motor Corporation and our subsidiaries, take initiative to contribute to the harmonious and sustainable development of society and the earth through all business activities that we carry out in each country and region, based on our Guiding Principles. We comply with local, national, and international laws and regulations as well as the spirit thereof, and conduct our business operations with honesty and integrity. In order to contribute to sustainable development, we believe that management interacting with its stakeholders as described below is of considerable importance, and we will endeavor to build and maintain sound relationships with our stakeholders through open and fair communication. We expect our business partners to support this initiative and act in accordance with it.


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