Woven City: For a Better Tomorrow

Life moves fast. In an era where modern cities face countless challenges from rapid urbanization to environmental issues, Toyota has set out to reimagine urban living. The vision takes shape into ‘Woven City’, weaving for a better and brighter future.


Toyota's concept city, called Woven City, is being constructed on the former site of its 50-year-old Higashi Fuji production factory, which is now closed, at the foot of Mount Fuji not far from Susono City. The city, which spans 175 acres, will initially have 360 residents, with plans to increase that number to 2000 in the future. Construction on this metropolis began in early 2021 after the plans were revealed in January 2020. In line with the groundbreaking Toyota Mirai, hydrogen fuel cells will be used to power the metropolis. In the Woven City, full-time inhabitants and researchers will test and develop cutting-edge technology including autonomous driving, robotics, personal transportation, and smart homes in a realistic setting. Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and many more technologies of the future will be implemented here.

According to the words of Toyota President Akio Toyoda, the unwavering themes of the woven city are ‘human-centered, living laboratory and ever-evolving.’

With three different types of streets "interwoven" with one another on the ground level—one for pedestrians, one for personal mobility cars, and one for automated driving—Woven City gets its name from both its concept and its design. Additionally, a fast-moving underground road will be built for logistical transportation.

Designed for Life

Woven City will feature buildings made of wood and use ancient Japanese Woodworking techniques. The buildings will feature solar panels and will also have vegetation and proper interconnectivity.

Sustainable Energy

Similar to the Toyota Mirai, hydrogen fuel cells will be used to power the metropolis. Residents will be carried in emission-free driverless vehicles. Because hydrogen is inexpensive to use and store, there will be less reliance on mineral-based batteries.

City of the Future

The Woven City is the city of the future, far from the hustle and the shortcomings of what we call modern-day urban cities. By reducing the need to travel, having zero emissions, and using low-impact technology, the city of the future will be nothing like the cities of today.

Toyota's Woven City represents a bold step towards reimagining urban living in the face of complex challenges. By combining advanced technologies, sustainability practices, and human-centric design, this innovative prototype community offers valuable lessons for the cities of tomorrow. As we strive to create more sustainable, efficient, and connected urban environments, the Woven City project provides a beacon of hope, demonstrating that a harmonious integration of people, vehicles, and buildings can pave the way for a better future.

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